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The Growth Quotient

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About the Coach

SuRaM, Subba Rao Mukkavilli is an author and serial entrepreneur. 

He is the founder of ProwessCA.com, 

an e-learning organization. 

During the last 30 years of his career, Suram has set up various business lines, worked with various corporate giants and governments, and implemented several complex enterprise IT platforms. Suram has authored three books. His first book, “SlideSpin” has received Global eBook Award, California, the USA in Silver Category during 2015. 

Before setting up Prowessca, he worked as Executive Director at Karvy Insurance Repository and as a CTO at KFin Technologies.

Course Contents

COVID is rewriting the rules of the game, and Artificial Intelligence is automating them. We need a completely different mindset and skillset to survive and shine in this era of Corona and the age of Robots. 

It is the survival of the fittest. A professional with a high Growth Quotient will be the fittest of the species.  

We have handpicked the top competencies and blended with immutable laws of growth.

Chapter 1 : Introduction 

Session Duration: 10 Minutes

  • Introduction 
  • Preface
  • Do you need this book?
  • Notations and Additional information

Chapter 2 : Growth Context

Session Duration : 20 Minutes

  • Intellectual humility
  • Ebbinghaus’ Forgetting curve
  • Feynman technique
  • Learning objectives
  • Growth Context
  • Learning objectives
  • Mind-Sight
  • Technology trends
  • What is not changing?
  • Your ACT Time Balance
  • Reputation
  • Foundational traits
  • Four quotients
  • Summary

Chapter 3 : Self Awareness

Session Duration: 28 Minutes

  • Learning objectives
  • Surfing the inner-net
  • Psychometric test : OCEAN
  • Other psychometric tests
  • Inside your Mind
  • Installing the Mind Positioning System Flex 1.0
  • Ten virtues you need to have
  • The eleven evils that haunt you
  • Meet the Resistance twins
  • Adjust your Locus of control
  • Developing the Resilience
  • Do you need Skill or Sense?
  • Traverse through the Opportunity zones
  • Becoming a T-shaped leader
  • Conquering fears
  • Story: Clash of titans
  • Managing risks with 4T model
  • Becoming self sufficient: Balancing our support system
  • Understanding the motivation engine inside
  • Goal-setting | Get your GRIT
  • Summary

Chapter 4 : External world

Session Duration: 51 Minutes

  • Learning Objectives
  • Micro events at the workplace
  • Developing a presentation sense
  • Thought constipation : What caused this Gap, and how do I bridge this>
  • Buying buttons inside our brains
  • Triggering the URGE 1
  • Presentation Preparation
  • Making whole thing SIMPLE
  • Presentation delivery
  • Fostering OPEN communications
  • Workplace Relationship Management
  • Delivery and delegation management
  • Team Profiling | Knowledge – Involvement
  • Team profiling | Confidence ‚Äì Capability
  • Cross team profiling | collaboration: Involvement ‚Äì Influence
  • Task profiling
  • Task sensitivity rating score
  • Task profiling ‚Äì PICK matrix
  • Project management triangle
  • Follow this PATH for client delight
  • Conflict resolution
  • Workplace Conditions
  • Pre-conflict ideation
  • Understanding teh conflict triggers
  •     Pardon-worthy
  •     Patience-worthy
  •     Protest-worthy
  • When you need to confront
  • Sensing the pains
  • Key considerations
  • Negotiation
  • Why did this happen?
  • Persuasion
  • Engaging your team members
  • How to disengage employees?
  • Summary

Chapter 5 : Digital Quotient

Session Duration: 20 Minutes

  • Learning objectives
  • Changing times
  • What is likely to change further?
  • 5G implementation will boost video consumption further:
  • Technology trends
  • Case study 1: Shopping in a physical store
  • Case study 2: Shopping in a virtual store
  • Verticals using technology efficiently
  • Digital quotient
  • Personal tech-savviness
  • Digital at the workplace
  • Work place digital maturity
  • DQ | Skills that pay
  • DQ | personal and family
  • Cyber security and information security
  • DQ | Legal framework

Chapter 6 : Number Sense

Session Duration: 13 Minutes

Learning objectives
Our context of intelligence
What are we doing with this data?
Benefits of improved perceptual acuity
What is lowering the perceptual acuity?
What are we doing with the current data?
Analytics in citizen services
Analytics in corporate governance
To summarise

Chapter 7: The Summit

Session Duration : 11 Minutes

  • We have learned the following:
  • Finding the purpose
  • Engage your GENIE
  • Stimulate your creative brain with this process
  • Define success
  • Your competition, enemies, friends, and guards
  • Your possessions
  • Jain forgiveness day

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Frequently Asked Questions

Please ask yourself the following questions. If the answer is yes to three or more questions, then you will benefit from this course.


  • Do you lead a team or wish to lead a team?
  • Do you want to accelerate your career and be more in lesser time?
  • Do want to learn the timeless secrets of leadership and stay updated?
  • Do you want to be more productive and save two or more hours per day?
  • Do you want to increase your efficiency and effectiveness?
  • Do you have specific financial or professional goals?
  • Are you wondering how to set a goal and track it?
  • Do you wish to take charge of your life?
  • Do you wish to improve your communication skills?
  • Do you want to learn new-age skills and prepare yourself for the future?


  • Improve your productivity and effectiveness
  • Accelerate your career growth
  • Supercharge your critical skills and senses
  • Be admired by your team members and clients
  • Improve your relations
  • Minimize conflicts and avoidable criticism
  • Acquire the top 10 success virtues and future proof your career
  • Improve your communication, presentation and public speaking skills
  • Understand the four critical quotients required for a continued success
  • Prioritize multiple projects and handle all of them efficiently
  • Foster open communication with team members

I am going to teach you techniques that you can take to your desk and apply at your workplace. I have distilled the experience of my last thirty years and present them to you as tips, tricks, tools, traps, and hacks.


Mostly, I am going to cover both the art and science of leadership and personal effectiveness. Like any art, the concepts that you are going to learn here require concerted practice to perfect. 


If you master all these techniques, you can save anything between 45 minutes to three hours each day. That’s a whopping 1095 productive hours per year. Assuming you work ten hours a day, it is 109 man-days or close to four months a year.


What can you do with this extra time?


You can pursue your passions, earn more money, clear outstanding debts faster or acquire your dream possessions.

No. This is a standalone course and does not require any pre-qualifications.

Total course duration is between 3 to 4 hours. 

To make sure you understand the concepts well, you need to practice some of the important exercises for 10 minutes a day for 4 weeks


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